Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents



Famster screenshot

The lone pay site of the group, Famster is also the one social networking Web site for parenting that puts an emphasis on the family as a group. Users can sign up for a two-week free trial offer to determine whether or not the site is something that fits their needs. If after two weeks you find Famster to be a good fit, the cost is $9.95 per month. So what do you get for all that coin?

For one thing, you get more storage space online to get more creative with your family's profile. Each account gets 1 gigabyte (GB) of file cabinet space for documentation and 1 GB for video. In addition, members get unlimited space for uploading photos, a blog and scrapbook usage.

Famster users can also create a virtual family Web site. You can use your own domain name -- such as -- with which you can host your Famster page and set up personalized e-mail as well. Each family profile can be customized by uploading photographs, designing scrapbooks, uploading video feeds, writing blogs and creating personal calendars. Users can even set up instant messaging between fellow family profiles and set parameters that allow different levels of chatting for each child.

One of the most useful features is Famster's security center and registered-sex-offender alert system. Members receive alerts through the registry if a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhood.