Social Networks

Social networks cover every topic imaginable. Understanding which social networks are safe and which ones aren't is an important step.

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A social networking site originally created for Harvard students, Facebook is now open for anyone to join -- and it currently has 750 million active users. What features have made it such a big success?

By Jonathan Strickland

Yes, it's still around. Second Life is a 3D virtual world where you can live in a castle, fly to dance clubs and change your appearance with a click of your mouse. So what's up with it now?

By Jonathan Strickland & Chris Pollette

One of Web's most explosive phenomena, MySpace grew to 54 million profiles seemingly overnight. Find out what MySpace really is, how it blew past the competition and why Rupert Murdoch thought it was worth $580 million.

By Julia Layton & Patrick Brothers

Advertisement is a user-driven news Web site that lets people find, submit, review and feature stories from every corner of the Web.

By Julia Layton