How to Add Videos to Your iPod

iPods aren't just for music -- they're also handy for watching videos at home or on the go.
Vision SRL/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Apple's iPod line of mobile media players has evolved a great deal in its first decade. The basic model, which launched in 2001, has expanded into a range of devices that can browse the Web, play videos, organize documents, and, of course, store and play hours of music [source: Biersdorfer].

Media has kept pace with these revolutionary machines. Between the movies, videos and TV shows available at Apple's iTunes Store, and countless sites where savvy users can download free demos, trailers and preview clips, there's a nearly limitless supply of media out there to fill any user's playlists.

Video is the newest media to become widely available for screen-equipped iPods, and it can sometimes be tricky to download video content -- especially from sites other than the iTunes store. It's far from a difficult task, though. Follow this simple guide, and you'll be downloading and watching movies and TV shows on your iPod in no time.

With the exception of the Web-enabled iPod Touch, which can download online content directly, iPods must by synched with the iTunes file library on your computer to take your music and media mobile.

The easiest way to do this is through iTunes' Autosynch feature: Connect your iPod to your computer using a USB cable, and iTunes automatically launches the iPod Setup Assistant. You can simply select the option "automatically synch songs to my iPod," and iTunes will add any new content in its libraries to your iPod.

You can also manually move files from iTunes to your iPod -- this may be your preferred option if you only have one or two videos you wish to watch. Open iTunes and select the folder containing the desired media file. Highlight that file, and drag it to the iPod icon. Congratulations; you can now watch the selected video on your iPod [source: Biersdorfer]. Read on for a few more tips!