How LimeWire Works

Other Features and LimeWire Pro

­LimeWire Pro offers advanced features and technical support.
­LimeWire Pro offers advanced features and technical support.
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LimeWire contains several features for monitoring your connections on the Gnutella Network. Under the View menu at the screen's top, go to Show/Hide and choose Connections. The Connections tab shows to which computers you're connected on the Gnutella Network. You have the option of adding or removing connections as well as browsing the shared folders of a particular computer.

Click the Monitor tab at the top of the window to see which files are being downloaded from your shared folders and by whom. These are called uploads and are listed in the Uploads section at the bottom of the Monitor window. You can press the Kill Upload button to stop another user from downloading a particular file. At the top of the Monitor window is the Incoming Searches box, which shows the most recent search keywords entered into the Gnutella Network.

You can even chat with other users on the Gnutella Network. Click on one of your connections in the Connections tab and hit the Browse Host button at the bottom of the screen. Right click on one of the files on the host's computer and choose the "Chat with Host" option. You can also right-click on any file in your search results to chat with that file's host.

Another useful LimeWire feature is filtering. Go to the Filters menu and choose Configure Content Filters. If you check the Enable Content Filters box, LimeWire will compare all downloaded or uploaded files with a list of copyright content supplied by the entertainment industry. All content on that list will be filtered from your search results.

Also in the Filtering menu are options for Junk, Keywords and Hosts. Under Junk, you can increase the sensitivity of LimeWire's automated junk filter, either removing all junk from search results or just keeping it at the bottom of the results list. Keywords allow you to filter out search results containing certain words. There are also check boxes for filtering out adult content and certain types of files that could contain viruses (.html, .vbs, .wmv and .asf). The Host option allows you to enter the IP address of a specific host to ban them from sending or receiving queries from your machine.

LimeWire is now integrated with iTunes, the popular digital music software. Any songs you download through LimeWire will automatically appear in your iTunes library. You don't even have to re-launch iTunes.

LimeWire Pro is an upgraded file-sharing service offered for a one-time charge of $21.95. According to LimeWire, LimeWire Pro searches out more connections, giving users 66 percent more search results with every query [source: LimeWire]. Increased and better connections mean faster downloads.

LimeWire Pro users also get access to free tech support and free software updates for six months. Regular LimeWire users don't have access to tech support, relying instead on message boards and forums.

Now let's look at some troubleshooting tips for common problems with LimeWire.