10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science

Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

Remember when encyclopedias used to be old volumes that sat on your shelves? Not anymore. One of the world's most popular encyclopedia publishers has made its collection of knowledge come alive through interactive learning.

In this installment, Volcanoes, kids get to learn all about our hot bubbling Earth in a multitude of ways. Hyperlinks in the text immediately bring up definitions of new or tricky words. A click on the embedded graphics calls up a full-screen image or starts a related video.

But that's the stuff adults will care about. Kids will love the fun games the app comes with -- a memory match, a scratch-off guessing game, jigsaw puzzles and a high-speed quiz. They can brush off smoke to identify artifacts found in Pompeii. And they'll enjoy looking at the world map and figuring out (with a simple tap) how far away they are from the nearest volcano. Navigation is fun, too; a wheel at the bottom of the screen spins you to the app's various components.

Britannica has designed this app to appeal to kids from 8 to 12 years old, but we think it will interest anyone curious about volcanoes.

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