10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science


Video Science

This app is a actually a collection of two- to three-minute videos from Dan Menelly, science education adviser to the Science House organization and NSF Einstein Fellow in CyberInfrastructure.

Launching the app presents you with a notebook-style interface that has a list of simple but compelling projects down the left side. Click on a project, and the video begins playing in an inset on the notebook page. Below the video is more information about the experiment and a list of supplies needed. Users can click the video to bring it to full-screen mode.

Most of the experiments can be conducted with cheap, easy-to-find materials, but if something is difficult to source, the app provides links to online vendors.

The tone of Video Science is definitely geared toward science teachers or parents, so if you're an adult, you can secretly study the videos, then wow youngsters with your ability to make a neon waterfall, recycled paper, a flying sleeping bag, slime or dozens of other projects.