10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science


The Ultimate Dinopedia

Kids and dinosaurs go together like hydrogen and oxygen (we're talking science here, right?). The Dinopedia app lets kids indulge their fascination by providing vividly colored illustrations and fascinating facts on more than 1,000 dinos.

This app has everything you'd expect from its producer, National Geographic. Kids simply swipe the screen to move from one dinosaur to the next. On each page, they see gorgeously rendered images of the "terrible lizards" in colorful landscapes.

Four clickable options appear at the bottom of the page: dino stats, a fun fact, more information about the picture and something called "The Story." A click on this rock-shaped button opens an informative paragraph with an accompanying dramatic voice track that is perfect for youngsters learning to read (it also helps anyone know how to say the sometimes tricky names of the big beasts).

The app also contains an interactive dinosaur family tree that shows the evolution of the giant creatures, as well as a series of short videos that provide realistic and dramatic computer-rendered glimpses into the lives of more than a dozen dinos.