10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science


Frog Dissection

Perhaps more than any other science classroom activity, frog dissection is both dreaded and eagerly anticipated by thousands of students every year. On the one hand, curious budding biologists get their first look inside a living creature. On the other, some students question taking a life for information they could get in a textbook, while others just find the whole thing gross.

The frog dissection app should help win the day for those out to save the frogs. Launch the app, and an upside-down frog appears on a blue field. Users can then follow the step-by-step instructions (with voice-over) that help them insert pins where needed and use a marker, scissors, scalpel and forceps to remove the frog's skin. Once a student exposes the virtual organs, a simple click brings up a window that features a fully "spinnable" computer-generated image of the organ as well as an informative description.

The app also includes an interactive quiz, as well as more detailed information on the biology of the frog. Best of all, there's no formaldehyde smell!