10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science


Muscle System Pro II

At $20, this is the most expensive app in our lineup but, as you might expect from NOVA, the quality is impressive and there simply is no better app for looking inside the human body.

The app has appeal for everyone from a kid interested in what goes on inside the human body to someone seriously studying anatomy in college.

At the core of the app is a computer-generated figure of the human body with its skin removed (not as gruesome as it might sound). To begin exploring, just tap to zoom in to the various muscle groups. Tap on the scalpel, removing muscle fibers one by one, to expose the underlying muscles. You can spin and rotate all images for amazingly in-depth views.

Another click drops pins that can be tapped to bring up a window with a short description of the muscle. When you're done exploring, a quiz helps you evaluate how well you've learned your muscles.