10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read



Although iPads are great learning devices for all children, they have a special potential to assist children with learning differences. Because the iPad does not necessarily involve interaction with a teacher or parent, it provides a less stressful learning environment for children with autism, as well as those who are nonverbal or struggle with other special learning needs.

Grace, an app designed by a mother of two autistic children, helps with sentence building by providing relevant images to form sentences. Children select eight cards to build a sentence. The app comes with a set of basic pictures, but you can also customize the photos and images that are used to build sentences. As children practice building sentences with this app, they can attempt to vocalize the sentences with the knowledge that they have the pictures for backup. Even though it is a pricier app at $37.99, the cost is well worth it: This app has the potential to enhance the learning experience of a child who might otherwise struggle with reading skills.