10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read


ABC Phonics Animals

ABC Phonics Animals offers several sections of activities to teach kids phonics while learning to identify animals. In the flashcards section, the app displays flashcards of a cartoon animal along with the spelling of its name. A voice recording says the sound of each letter, and the child has to touch the letter that has just been spoken. In the animal match section, children identify a cartoon animal from a choice of three words. In the balloon pop section, a voice on the app says a letter that is used in the name of the animal, and the child has to touch the corresponding letter on the screen. A balloon makes a fun popping noise when the correct selection is made.

Although the app costs $1.99, a free lite version is also available. One caveat: You might want to give your kid headphones with this app as the carnival-like sounds could become annoying.