10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read


Rock 'n Learn Phonics Easy Reader

Rock 'n Learn Phonics Easy Reader, priced at $1.99, helps children develop their reading skills through three phonics stories. The stories can be read to the child or she can sound out the words and read the story. If the child needs some extra help with figuring out a word, she can click on the word for assistance. Rock 'n Learn Phonics Easy Reader focuses on developing pronunciation of short vowel sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant combinations and words ending with ll, ss, ff, s, and plural s.

In the Read to Me section, a story is read aloud to the child. As the story is read, words are highlighted on the screen so that kids can read along. In the Let Me Try section, kids read the story for themselves. If they have trouble with a word, they can touch the screen to hear it pronounced. They can play back the story to check how accurate they were after reading each sentence.