10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read


The Monster at the End of This Book

This is a high-tech update of the original 1971 hardcover published by Golden Books. Sesame Street's Grover reads the title of the book and instantly becomes frightened about discovering the monster at the end of the story. The book is narrated by Grover, and the words are highlighted on the page so that children can follow along. As the book continues, Grover becomes more and more anxious about finding the monster, and he presents barriers to keep you from turning the page. To get through the barriers, children have to tap the barrier on the page or tickle Grover. This app, costing $3.99, is particularly fun for kids because they feel that they are interacting with Grover and playing a part in the completion of the story while they are learning reading and listening skills. It also offers parents suggestions about questions to ask children as they read the story.