Top 10 Tablet PC Accessories



Every tablet computer needs a sturdy, protective case.
Every tablet computer needs a sturdy, protective case.

So, you've just bought yourself an expensive, fancy new tablet computer. But you're not going to just walk around carrying it out in the open, are you? It could get scratched or broken! That's why every tablet computer needs a good, protective case.

Cases are among the most tablet diverse accessories available. There are cases that are made of leather and fold open, or vinyl ones with plastic windows that leave the screen exposed. If your tablet is going to be seeing some heavy duty, there are hard plastic cases that offer lots of durability. Some even include straps so that your device can be transported easily over your shoulder, like a messenger bag.

There are some truly innovative cases on the market. Take, for example, Apple's iPad Smart Cover. It comes in colorful flavors and has magnets that snap it onto the side of the iPad to cover its screen. In addition, the cover has folding sections that let you turn it into a stand for easy typing or movie watching.

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