Top 10 Tablet PC Accessories


Tablet Speakers

Why settle for lousy built-in speakers?
Why settle for lousy built-in speakers?

Most tablets include ways to upload your music files onto them. So if your tablet is going to be a replacement for your other computers, why settle for lousy speakers? A good set of external speakers makes sure you can create a dance party anywhere you take your tablet.

Speakers can work in a variety of ways. Some plug into the tablet's audio outlet (if there is one), while others work with Bluetooth connectivity. Others work by docking the tablet into a speaker set, which in some cases keeps them propped up.

There's a wide range of speakers to choose from. Speaker company Altec Lansing makes everything from $30 plug-in speakers to $200 Bluetooth ones that offer superior audio quality.

Want to put your tablet on the wall? We'll cover that in the next section.