How HTC Tablets Work

HTC Tablet Specs

HTC brought its smartphones to China in July 2010, and premiered the Flyer there in July 2011.
HTC brought its smartphones to China in July 2010, and premiered the Flyer there in July 2011.
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The HTC Flyer and the EVO View weigh 14.82 ounces, about as much as a paperback novel. With 7-inch (17.78-centimeter) screens, these tablets are about the same size as a paperback, too. HTC Flyer/EVO fans report the manageable size is part of the tablet's appeal: It can go places where larger 10-inch (25.4-centimeter) tablets cannot, such as pockets and purses.

The HTC Flyer is designed to access the Internet on wireless networks and is sold directly to consumers by HTC. The EVO View 4G is sold exclusively by Sprint, requires a contract, and can run on both a wireless connection and Sprint's cellular network. The Flyer and EVO View feature the Android 2.4 (Gingerbread) operating system, which critics contend is outdated in comparison to 3.0 (Honeycomb [source: Samuel].

Like the iPad and other competitors, HTC tablets come with pre-installed apps that can access e-mail and the Internet. However, HTC tablets have built-in HTC Sense, too -- a special user interface for factory-loaded apps, like media players and calendars. HTC Sense also includes common apps repackaged for HTC, like a Twitter app called Peep [source: Isaac].

Users can download free or paid apps onto their tablets using Android Market. Tapping a square icon labeled "market" on the tablet's home screen accesses the Android Market. From there, users can browse categories, view featured apps or search for an app, and then tap the price button (or "free" button) to install the app [source: HTC].

The Flyer/EVO View tablets running Gingerbread will support any of the 200,000-plus apps on the Android Market. Plus, more HTC-compatible apps are on the way. In June 2011, HTC announced the launch of HTC OpenSense software development kit. The initiative allows third-party developers to create apps specifically for HTC's Sense software and is expected to result in a greater number and variety of apps for HTC's smartphone and tablet users [source: Isaac].

The HTC Flyer has 16GB internal memory, while the HTC EVO View has 32GB internal memory. Both models feature an expandable memory slot, something that's likely to come in handy with all those future apps to install. However, accessories like the HTC tablets' stylus pens are getting mixed reviews. We'll explore this issue -- and more -- on the next page.