How ViOS Works


You can move across the ViOS landscape using a computer mouse or keyboard.

You can use the number pad or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around in ViOS.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.
If you prefer, you can control movement through the ViOS landscape using letter keys on your computer keyboard.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

You can also travel directly to cities of interest through special 3-D portals, maps or by using a keyword. For example, this is how you might find shopping sites:

  • You type in shopping or click on Shopping in the Find menu.
  • Immediately, you begin soaring over green pastures, mountains and lakes to the ViOS shopping city.
  • In the shopping city, you can browse storefronts belonging to retailers ranging from the largest national chain to the smallest corner boutique.
  • A single click on the storefront takes you directly to the home page of a retailer you are interested in.
  • You browse through the retailer's site just like you would do in a conventional browser.
  • Once you are finished, you leave the browser window and return to the ViOS landscape.
You can use the Find menu to go directly to a particular city in ViOS. Once you choose a site to visit, it pops up in a conventional browser window.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

The ViOS browser contains all the features you have come to expect in a Web browser, including Back, Forward, Favorites and a history of visited sites.

The history list provides instant access to sites you have already visited.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.
The map lets you keep track of exactly where you are in ViOS.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

You can click on the Map button on the Menu bar to bring up a real-time overhead map of the ViOS world. A small red dot shows you where you are and a yellow cone represents your field of view.

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