How ViOS Works

Benefits and Additional Features
You can build your own customized area in ViOS.
You can build your own customized area in ViOS.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

ViOS provides a number of benefits over the standard Internet experience:

  • Real-world experience: Since ViOS is modeled to resemble a realistic landscape, it is easier for many users to relate to, particularly Internet newcomers with little or no computer experience. At the same time, the immense ViOS world appeals to experienced users who will enjoy searching for all the special features hidden throughout.
  • Easier searching: The grouping of similar sites makes it easy to move from one to another as you look for information on a specific subject.
  • Built-in rich content: While every Internet site that you could reach through a conventional browser is available within ViOS, a team of professional information specialists have worked diligently to create 20 subject-specific primary cities with top-quality Web sites.
  • Proximity caching: Through the use of proximity caching, ViOS can make your Internet experience more efficient. Proximity caching means that ViOS preloads (caches) all of the Web sites in your immediate vicinity. The idea is that you are most likely to click on one of the nearby sites rather than type in a new URL directly. As soon as you click on a cached site in ViOS, it pops up without having to load. When a user types in a URL requesting to be transported to a particular site, the length of travel time through the ViOS world is coordinated with the length of time needed to download the site’s contents. The Web site appears when the user arrives at the site’s location in the ViOS landscape.
  • Sharable experience: For most of us, surfing the Web is a lonely experience. You may talk to friends or see other people in chat rooms, but you do not travel to Web sites together. In ViOS, you can meet up with friends and go to sites together. You can meet people as you travel around, and talk with them. You can enter chat rooms in ViOS that have visual representations of everyone in the room.
  • Freedom of movement: The fact that you are physically represented in the ViOS world makes you want to move through it and explore. You view the Internet as a single, comprehensive, 3-D landscape that you move through as you locate and interact with anything and everything on the Internet.

As you move around in ViOS, you may find that there are certain sites that you visit regularly. ViOS provides a Build function that lets you create your own structures within ViOS and assign specific properties to them. For example, you could build your own small town with your favorite shopping, reference and entertainment sites grouped together. You could add your favorite chat rooms as well.

ViOS provides a Preferences section that allows you to adjust the ViOS experience to suit your tastes. For example, you can choose from several variations of sky settings or create your own custom sky.

You can modify several things in ViOS, including the sky in your world!
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

You will be amazed at the sheer size of the ViOS world. In addition to containing every site on the Internet, there are many secrets scattered throughout the landscape. In fact, a large part of ViOS's appeal is the thrill of exploration.

The ViOS world just begs to be explored.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.
There are many secrets all around you in ViOS, including under the water and in the air.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.
These lorestones are scattered throughout the landscape, providing a simulated history for the world of ViOS.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.
Setting up landmarks in ViOS is similar to bookmarking favorites in a conventional browser.
Photo courtesy ViOS, Inc.

As we move forward in the 21st century, one thing is certain: The role of cyberspace in our society will steadily increase and the Internet will continue to evolve. ViOS believes in this evolution and has provided their vision of the future right now.

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