Addictive Games for iPad
iPad game icons

There are plenty of games available to keep iPad owners playing to their heart's content. The hardest part may be choosing which ones to try.

©iStockphoto.com/Yunus Arakon

Until Apple released its iPhone in 2007, mobile gaming was a very specific category of technology dominated by handheld video game systems like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PlayStation Portable. For most of the 90s, the Nintendo Game Boy dominated the market, and its successor, the Game Boy Advance, was equally popular. Then things changed: The rise of smartphones introduced a new platform for mobile games. Touchscreen games on the iPhone weren't as long or complex as games on the Nintendo DS or the PSP, but they didn't have to be. People played them in short bursts -- they always had their phones with them, after all -- and average prices of $1.99 or even 99 cents made impulse purchases an absolute breeze.

iPhone game developers quickly learned to design games that were fun in short play sessions, and their focus on simple but addictive mechanics (like the quest for the high score) ensured that even cheap games could provide hours of entertainment. When Apple released the iPad in 2010, those same games were suddenly available on an even larger touchscreen display. Since then, tons of games have been released that capitalize on that bigger screen -- here are 10 of the best and most addictive games every iPad owner should spend an hour or two (or 20) with.