Puzzle Quest 2
puzzle quest screen grab

If you like puzzle games and role-playing games, "Puzzle Quest" might just be your dream title.

Screen Capture by HowStuffWorks staff

Two genres are known for being devilishly addictive: puzzle games, which are easy to play for hours on end in the quest for the high score, and role-playing games, which some gamers sink hundreds of hours into while leveling up their characters. When the two come together, the combination may best be described as dangerous.

"Puzzle Quest 2" sets classic "Bejewled"-style puzzle game play (matching rows of colored blocks) against a fantasy backdrop and integrates role-playing game (RPG) mechanics like learning new spells and leveling up character hit points and attributes. If you like puzzle games at all -- even if you've never played an RPG -- "Puzzle Quest" may well have you grinding out battles to upgrade your attack spells. The most addictive elements of two separate genres come together to make "Puzzle Quest 2," a game that can easily occupy hours and hours of your time. And when you get tired of leveling up, there's a multiplayer mode, too.

"Puzzle Quest 2" currently sells for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.