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5 Essential iPad Accessories

Frames and Stands
Even the simplest of stands can make your iPad much easier to use.
Even the simplest of stands can make your iPad much easier to use.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The tablet computer is arguably a technological breakthrough, but current models suffer from one common problem: The tablet's flat design can make it difficult for multiple people to watch a video at once, and this can become annoying if you're using one and want to keep both hands free.

Enter the tablet stand. Sometimes called easels or docking stations, these devices range from simple folding props to sophisticated interactive ports that can connect your iPad to cameras, speakers or a TV. But regardless of their complexity, all of these stands give you the ability to set your iPad upright for hands-free viewing.

When choosing a stand, you should consider how you'll use the iPad. If you're simply looking for something to hold it at a convenient angle on your kitchen counter as you read recipes off the screen, then a simple, inexpensive folding stand may do the trick. But if your iPad use includes typing on a keyboard, giving presentations or evaluating photos using a link to your camera, a more sophisticated docking port will likely be your best option.

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