5 Signs That Download Site Isn't Legit

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Google Goes Incognito With Vanishing Gmail

Google Goes Incognito With Vanishing Gmail

Google is redesigning the way we use email. HowStuffWorks delves into the changes.

Author's Note: 5 Signs that Download Site Isn't Legit

File sharing and media downloads really aren't my thing. I think the last time I downloaded free music was back in college during the original Napster days, and who knows what viruses my roommates and I unknowingly installed on our Gateway computers at the time. Luckily, I had a few anonymous sources for this article that pointed me towards a few reputable download sites that they trust and shared some common pitfalls when you're doing any kind of peer to peer file sharing.

You can consider this author's note a bonus tip on how to download free media safely: bribe a savvy friend into doing it for you. Save your computer and barter some homemade cupcakes for the files you want, because -- as you probably gleaned from this article -- if you don't know what you're doing, downloading files from the Internet is pretty risky.

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