How Broadband Over Powerlines Works

The Last Mile

The last mile is the final step that carries Internet into the subscriber's home or office.

In the various approaches to last-mile solutions for BPL, some companies carry the signal in with the electricity on the power line, while others put wireless links on the poles and send the data wirelessly into homes. The CT Bridge is capable of both.

The CT Bridge can also:

  • Manage symmetric data transmission to all the electrical outlets in the customer's home or office ("Symmetric" means that uploads and downloads are transmitted at the same speed.)
  • Support WiFi hot spots
  • Handle data routing
  • Manage subscriber information
  • Employ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP - The protocol that allows the management and assignment of IP addresses on a network)
  • Support security encryption of all transmissions

The signal is received by a powerline modem that plugs into the wall. The modem sends the signal to your computer. Let's take a look at these modems.