How Automated Reminders Work

Applications for Automated Reminders

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Don't miss another Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Every industry that relies on appointments, scheduled events or significant customer interaction can benefit greatly from automated reminders. Here are some of the applications of this useful technology.

  • Health Services: Pharmacies, medical labs, vets, dentists and medical doctors all use reminders for prescription refills, test results and appointments.
  • Financial: Investment consultants, banks and accounts receivable send messages about renewals, account maturity, late payments or balance due notices.
  • Travel and Hospitality: Airlines and hotels advise customers of flights, delays, gate changes, itinerary modifications or cancellations.
  • Manufacturing and Retail: Stores inform their clients on pick-up times, warranty renewals and policy changes.
  • Service Industries: Industries use reminders about regularly scheduled maintenance, such as pest control, heating and cooling or gutter cleaning. Car maintenance shops can remind customers it's time for an oil change, while lawn car services can send a message regarding seasonal lawn care.
  • Special Events: Ticket sellers send updates about upcoming events, such as concerts, sporting events or plays. Messages can include information about parking or nearby restaurants, as well.

As people become more and more connected with Web-enabled PDAs, cell phones and seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi, the more powerful and common automated reminders will become.

However, you don't need to affiliate with customers to benefit from this technology. As stated earlier, just by using the appointment reminder on your Web calendar, you're taking advantage of this technology. Whether it's for a big meeting, happy hour with friends or simply taking time to send an e-mail, automated reminders can help you remember what you need to do.

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