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For most people, a day without e-mail is unthinkable. From instant messaging to e-mail and other notifications, HowStuffWorks explains the devices and technologies that keep you in the loop.


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Could Your Computer Help You Be More Polite?

A new program from researchers at Carnegie Mellon can help your computer send more polite emails and messages. And they used a treasure trove of emails from the Enron lawsuit to do it.

If You BCC Someone on an Email, Can the Recipient Find Out?

Sometimes referred to as the "backstabbing carbon copy," the BCC feature in email allows a sender to copy someone on a message without the recipient knowing. But is there a way for the recipient to find out? And should you really use BCC?

Here's How You Back Up Your Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email suites out there today. But if you're not backing up your data, you could be in for a huge loss if the site goes haywire.

Can e-mails be taxed?

How many e-mails do you send and receive on any given day? Could you imagine if you were taxed for all that digital communication?

How to Send Text Messages Through Your Computer

If your fingers ache from trying to type text messages from your smartphone or cell phone, you'll be happy to know how easy it is to send them via your computer.

How to Organize Emails by Utilizing the Files Function

You can organize e-mails by assigning mail to specific files for later retrieval. Learn about how to organize e-mails in this article.

How Instant Messaging Security Works

With a rise in instant messaging, security is important to protect your computer and your family.

IM and E-mail: Which is more popular and why?

Instant messaging and e-mail are useful communication tools. And you're either an IM fan or a staunch e-mail loyalist. So which is more popular and why?

How Video Instant Messaging Works

Video instant messaging is becoming a more common alternative to regular instant messaging. Learn more about video instant messaging in this article.

How Weather Alerts Work

The weather can change instantly, depending on your location. Learn how you can receive up-to-the-minute weather alerts, no matter where you're at.

How Google Talk Works

Are you an instant messaging fanatic? Click here to learn about how Google Talk works.

How On-Hold Messaging Works

On-hold messaging is common with many business telephone systems. Learn more about how on-hold messaging works.

How Windows Live Messenger Works

Windows Live Messenger is an easy to use instant messaging program for Windows. Learn all about it in this article.

How Prescription Alerts Work

Prescription alerts reduce the stress associated with taking daily medications. Learn more about prescription alerts in this article.

How Universal Messaging Works

Universal messaging makes it easy to access your email, voicemail, and fax in one place. Learn how universal messaging works in this article.

How BlackBerry Messenger Works

BlackBerry Messenger is both entertaining and functional for BlackBerry users. Learn how it works.

How Gmail Works

Gmail is an ultra popular, user-friendly email service available from Google. Learn more about Gmail in this article.

How Meebo Works

Meebo's website allows users to access any of their instant messaging services from anywhere in the world. Learn about Meebo in this article.

How Windows Live E-mail Works

Windows Live supports several e-mail programs including Hotmail and Windows Live Mail. Find out more about Windows Live e-mail in this

How Yahoo Mail Works

Yahoo Mail is one of the largest e-mail providers on the Internet and serves millions of users worldwide. Learn about Yahoo Mail in this article.

How Yahoo Messenger Works

Yahoo Messenger is one of the best instant messaging services available on the Web. Learn more about Yahoo Messenger in this article.

How AOL Instant Messenger Works

AIM, or AOL Instant Messenger, is the most popular instant messaging service available on the web. Learn about AOL Instant Messenger and its features.

How E-mail Works

E-mail gives us the ability to contact any person in the world in a matter of seconds. Find out how e-mail works and how e-mail servers deliver messages.

How Pricing Alerts Work

Pricing alerts can help you get the most for your money. Learn all about pricing alerts in this article.