How Gnutella Works

XoloX Example: Downloading

To download a file, you simply double-click it in the search window. This sends the file name to the Transfer window. Once a filename is in the transfer window, your copy of XoloX will connect to the peer machine to download the file. One nice thing about XoloX/Gnutella is that if multiple machines have the file available, your client can connect to several of them simultaneously to download the file very quickly. In the figure below, you can see that Filename1.avi in particular is taking advantage of this capability to download the file at a rate of 69.2 kilobytes per second. XoloX is estimating 43 minutes to complete the download of over 100 megabytes.

When you pick a file for downloading, it is fairly common for nothing to happen. That is, XoloX cannot connect to the machine that has the file, or the machine holding the file is already busy helping other people. You can solve this problem either by waiting (eventually a busy machine can get unbusy), by choosing files with high scores (increasing the likelihood of finding an unbusy machine), or by deleting a file that is going nowhere from the transfer window and replacing it with an identical file from the search window.

Once you have the files on your machine, you can find them in a XoloX directory and in the Files window of XoloX. You can share all the files you've downloaded with other people if you like. You do this by first specifying the directories and file types you want to share in the Preferences dialog:

You can also control how much outgoing bandwidth you allow XoloX to consume when people download files from you:

This can keep people from chewing up all your upstream bandwidth.