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Other Ways to Post Video on YouTube

Fans at the Taste of Chaos concert on Oct. 14, 2006 in Sydney, Australia, use digital cameras to capture performances.
Fans at the Taste of Chaos concert on Oct. 14, 2006 in Sydney, Australia, use digital cameras to capture performances.
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Although the most common way to make a video for YouTube is with a digital camcorder, there are a few other gadgets you can use to broadcast yourself.

Many people use a simple digital camera to get video. Though they're generally meant to take still photographs, most models today are capable of taking a few minutes of video, depending on how much memory is available. Have you ever seen shaky, slightly grainy clips from concerts? These are usually taken by concertgoers' digital cameras, with or without the permission from the artist. Once the video is shot on a digital camera, it's transferred to a computer over a USB or FireWire cable and can be edited and uploaded onto YouTube, much like a video from a digital camcorder.

For an even faster upload process, it's possible to shoot a video and post it almost instantly with a cell phone. In May 2006, YouTube began offering a mobile upload service for users with cell phones with video capabilities. Here's how it works: Members with a working profile can create a separate mobile profile, which creates a specific e-mail address for the user. Once the YouTuber shoots a video from a phone, he can instantly send the footage to the e-mail address, which will automatically post the video onto the site.

People who have analog camcorders instead of digital camcorders -- ones that use VHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, 8mm or Hi8 tapes for recording and playback -- needn't despair, because they can still join the digital revolution. After shooting video, analog camcorder owners need to digitize the tape using a converter box, which transfers images from the analog recording into a digital one. Once it's on the computer, you just follow the usual steps for editing and uploading.

Although you can't add videos longer than 10 minutes, there is a way to add several videos at once or one really large video. If you simply create a profile and start sharing videos, you'd be using the Single File Uploader. Again, files uploaded in this manner can be no bigger than 100 MB and no longer than 10 minutes. The YouTube Uploader, on the other hand, lets you do two things -- you can upload several videos in one sitting, or file sizes can be up to 1GB (the latter of which improves the quality of the video). It needs to be installed onto your computer before it works, but once it's up and running, you can use the Multi-Video Upload page on the site to select the number of videos you want to post.

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