How Twitpic Works

Twitpic From Your Phone or Computer

It's easy to upload images to and share them on your Twitter feed.
It's easy to upload images to and share them on your Twitter feed.
Screenshot by Shanna Freeman

Just as there are many different ways to Tweet, there are lots of different ways to use Twitpic. Doing so through the Web site is simple; you just create an account using your Twitter username and feed. Twitpic pulls your userpic and bio from Twitter to create a personal page. Click on "upload a photo or video," and Twitpic presents you with a three-step process. First, you choose a photo or video to upload. Next, you enter a message. Instead of 140 characters, you only have 114, because the rest is taken up by the URL your image generates. If you go beyond 114, followers who click to view the image on Twitpic will see the remainder of your comment there.

Finally, you have a few posting options. The default is to upload your image to your Twitter feed, (send the link, that is), but you can uncheck a box so that the photo will just be loaded to Twitpic. You can also choose not to have location data appended to the image if it's available, Click "upload", and you're done. Your Twitter feed will display your comment, followed by a small link. You can also transfer an image to Twitpic (and to Twitter) via e-mail; the upload page will provide a unique address to use. Just attach the image to your e-mail, and put your comment in the subject line.

Nearly all third-party Twitter applications support image uploading via Twitpic, although some may have another photo-sharing service as the default and you'll need to change it. For example, if you use the desktop version of TweetDeck, go into "settings", click on "services" and choose Twitpic from the drop-down menu. The same thing is true of both the official Twitter apps and third-party versions for smartphones; it just works a little differently depending on which app you're using and which device you have. With most apps, it's a very simple process; you just tap or click on the camera icon in the screen where you compose your Tweets and choose Twitterific. Some apps do have limitations; not all of them allow you to include a comment, so check reviews of the application you're interested in to find out what kind of support it provides for Twitpic.

Twitpic is very basic, but there are ways to optimize the service. Find out how to make it your own on the next page.