How Kazaa Works

By: Stephanie Watson

Kazaa File Types

To search for a file on Kazaa, users type the name of the file they want into a box and hit search.

Then they select the file they want to download from a list of results. They can select from two file types:


  • Blue files are made up of content that is controlled by Kazaa users. People who make their content available on Kazaa can license it so that other users can't copy and distribute it without giving them credit. Blue files are free to download.
  • Gold files contain content from movie studios, music labels and other providers who oversee the use of their material. Gold files are distributed via another P2P network called Altnet and are pay-per-download.

Kazaa is free to its users. The company makes money by running online ads, distributing special "Rights Managed" content (gold-icon files) and selling its products and services.