How Kazaa Works

Privacy and Security Issues

Whenever you allow other users to pull information from your computer, or you pull information from another user's computer, you're opening the door to viruses, privacy invasions and a host of other security issues.

Kazaa has often been accused of installing spyware and adware on its users' machines to monitor their movements throughout the Web and to download ads to their computer without their knowledge. The old version of the software came bundled with spyware and adware code, and although they were optional, removing these additions during the download process was complicated. Today the company asserts that it does not collect or use personal information about its users. Copycat versions of Kazaa, such as Kazaagold and Kazaa Lite Tools K++, claim that their software is free from adware and spyware.

To prevent downloading of sensitive information, Kazaa advises its users to set up a special "My Shared Files" folder on their desktop. Then, when people try to download a file, they can only have access to the shared folder, rather than being allowed to wander freely across the individual's hard drive. Kazaa also comes equipped with virus-protection software that weeds out some of the bugs floating around cyberspace.

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