10 Addictive Games for iPad



"Peggle" maker PopCap Games excels at developing incredibly addictive casual games in longstanding, established game genres. The company hit it big with puzzle games "Zuma" and "Bejeweled," and followed up with "Peggle" in 2007. "Peggle" follows the essentials of pachinko: Players bounce balls around a playing field to eliminate pegs and earn points. Clearing out all of the orange pegs on a stage finishes the level, but PopCap added in a huge amount of variety by including a selection of Peggle Masters with unique powers that offer the player bonuses.

Bjorn the Unicorn, for example, provides a guiding line that shows where a ball will bounce. Claude the Lobster adds flippers to the bottom of the screen that can launch balls back into play, pinball style. Master Hu tweaks shots for "Maximum Zen" (i.e. maximum points). "Peggle" strikes the perfect balance between randomness and strategy, and its huge selection of stages and challenges give it replay appeal. Multiplayer duels seal the deal.

As of this writing, "Peggle" sellsfor $2.99 in the iTunes App Store as an iPhone/iPad app.