10 Addictive Games for iPad


Tiny Wings

"Tiny Wings" exemplifies easy to learn, difficult to master game design. Players control a small bird whose wings are too small to keep him in the air. Tapping on the screen keeps him aloft, while holding down on the screen makes him dive towards the ground. And here's the hook: The landscape consists of wavy hills and valleys, which can be used to build up speed and shoot off into the air at breakneck speeds with the right timing. Players try to outrace the sunset by maintaining a steady speed and advancing from one island to another.

Learning "Tiny Wings" takes only minutes, but mastering the timing of when to dive and when to soar makes "Tiny Wings" addictive for anyone who loves replaying games to achieve better and better scores.

"Tiny Wings" sells for 99 cents in the iTunes App Store as of August 2011.