10 Addictive Games for iPad


Geometry Wars: Touch

"Geometry Wars" kicked off the launch of the Xbox 360 as a $5 Xbox Live Arcade download. The game was a massive success and helped usher in a renaissance for top-down twin stick shooters, in which players use one joystick to control a ship or character and the second stick to fire in 360 degrees. "Geometry Wars" married that tried-and-true mechanic to a unique graphical style that mixes waves of brightly colored fireworks-esque explosions and simple geometric shapes. The background grid pulses and distorts as waves of energy pass by -- pure visual eye candy.

A game rarely lasts more than a few minutes, and "Geometry Wars" is fun enough to keep gamers coming back time and again to improve their scores. There's variety, too: Like "Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2" on Xbox Live Arcade, "Geometry Wars: Touch" on the iPad offers Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, Waves and Sequence modes. They all offer something different, and "Geometry Wars" is a rare game in that it's fun to play for five minutes or two hours at a stretch.

As of this writing, "Geometry Wars: Touch" will cost you 99 cents in the iTunes App Store.