10 iPad Apps for Personal Productivity



iPads are nice and portable. As some of the other productivity apps listed here have demonstrated, your iPad can keep you occupied on the bus, remind you what to pick up at the grocery store and help you take notes at meetings. So why shouldn't it help you keep track of your diet and exercise?

MyNetDiary ($9.99) is one of the highest-rated apps for tracking what you eat and how much you exercise. It features a constantly-updated database of different foods -- more than 416,000, as of August 2011, according to iTunes -- so that you can be as specific as possible when entering your meals, thus ensuring more accurate nutritional calculations. The app makes suggestions for improving your diet, based on what you tell it you're eating, and another welcome feature is its library of helpful articles about diet and exercise [source: Greenbaum]. All in all, MyNetDiary is a nicely packaged app that will help keep you on the right track to better health.