10 iPad Apps for Toddlers


Once Upon a Potty

In addition to teaching toddlers colors, shapes and letters, the iPad can be used for another important part of toddler development: potty training. The Once Upon a Potty app, costing $2.99, introduces toddlers to potty training basics. The app focuses on building confidence in toddlers who are making the major developmental step from diaper to potty.

Available in versions for girls and boys, this app, based on Alona Frankel's books, teaches toddlers the names of body parts and functions and potty training terms through word association, text highlighting and sounds effects. The story can be narrated through "Read to Me," "Read It Myself" or "Autoplay" features. It also includes a potty training song that toddlers can sing along with to help them remember when they need to use the potty.

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