10 Noise-free iPad Games

While the audio track on "Angry Birds" is funny, muting it won't impede game play.
While the audio track on "Angry Birds" is funny, muting it won't impede game play.

A full multimedia game experience on the iPad includes sound. That includes theme music that plays during different stages of the game or on a continuous loop; audio effects that play when something drops, bounces or explodes on the screen; or even "dings" that sound when you reach an achievement or award.

You can avoid the noise from an iPad game when you need to, though. Many games let you mute some or all of their sound effects from their app settings, so you don't have to mute the iPad altogether. In addition, some games let you play music from iTunes in the background in place of their own sound effects.

When sounds are an essential part of game play, muting or lowering the volume can take away from the game experience. This is the case for games where sounds signal the player to take a certain action or prepare for something that's about to come onto the screen.

In this article, we're going to look at some iPad games that you can play noise-free without losing the quality of game play. Check these out when you need something to play in a quiet setting or just want to avoid annoying others within earshot. We'll start with some familiar games that you might have played without an iPad, and we'll work on through to games that make full use of the iPad's features. Let's kick things off with something trivial.

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