10 Noise-free iPad Games


Collision Effect

Game publisher Chillingo seems to have its fingers on the pulse of mobile gaming, and "Collision Effect," developed by Vishindo, is no exception. "Collision Effect" on the HD iPad, available for $0.99, has a simple yet stunning interface.

To play "Collision Effect," just follow one simple rule: When orbs of the same color appear on the screen, they must come together without colliding with orbs of other colors. To move an orb, swipe it with your finger on the touch screen. You can play "Collision Effect" in one of two modes. In challenge mode, you simply swipe orbs together as they float onto the screen. In puzzle mode, determine the order you need to swipe orbs together given a preset pattern on the screen.

"Collision Effect" features soothing music and well-synchronized sound effects, so you might find it pleasant to listen to even without disabling its audio tracks. Because the sound is just a supplement to the game, though, you can easily play the game without it. Look for options in the app to mute the music and sound effects when you want to play noise-free.

Next up is a game that lets you use the iPad's touch screen and gyroscope to play with the physics of flowing water.