5 Essential iPad Accessories


iPad users who want the ultimate note-taking device, or plan to get the most out of the iPad's computing power, are prime candidates for this next accessory. While the iPad does allow on-screen typing, a separate keyboard can make data entry or note-taking much easier and faster, all while leaving the entire iPad screen available to show your work.

Two main types of iPad keyboards are available: Wired keyboards, which connect to the iPad through a cable, are typically less expensive -- though bulkier -- than their counterparts, wireless keyboards. Going wireless is likely to cost more, and you'll have to keep track of battery levels for both your iPad and keyboard. But the convenience of being able to turn on the iPad, pull out the keyboard and start typing is well worth the extra vigilance for many users.

Using an iPad keyboard means carrying an additional device, often as big as the iPad. Plan accordingly: If you think you might do a lot of typing on your iPad, purchase a carrying bag big enough to hold both the tablet and a keyboard, even if you have yet to purchase the keyboard. This will leave room for expansion, making sure you can travel with the accessories you need to get the most out of your iPad.

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