Is the iPad 3 worth buying?

The new Apple iPad -- is it worth your money?
Courtesy Apple Inc.

Are you a gadget addict? If you're reading this, chances are you're not too far gone, or you'd already have your hands on the new iPad. Apple simply calls the latest incarnation of the wildly successful tablet the iPad but that's a bit confusing. We'll refer to it as the iPad 3.

Apple's sales track record with the iPad has been nothing short of amazing. During Apple's third quarter financial results for 2012, the company announced it had sold 17 million tablets [source: Apple]. Consider for a moment that before Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, no company had managed to make a tablet device that saw wide consumer adoption. Today, tablets are a vital part of the mobile electronics market.

Apple has introduced a new iPad each year since the first model hit store shelves. Each time, hundreds of customers have lined up to be one of the first people outside of Apple to get one in their hands. But is the latest model of the iPad worth your money?

We're going to assume that you're interested in buying a tablet in the first place. With that assumption out of the way, we'll need to narrow down a few more factors. How do you plan to use the tablet? Where is all your data now? Do you already own an older iPad?