How the Sylvania Tablet Works

Sylvania Tablet Specs

The Sylvania tablet comes in three screen sizes: 7-inches (17.78 centimeters), 8.4-inches (21.3 centimeters) and 10-inches (25.4 centimeters). The 7-inch and the 10-inch models are nearly identical except for two things: the screen size and the fact that the 10-inch allows picture-taking with its 2.1 megapixel camera.

Both the 7-inch "Mini" tablet and the 10-inch "Magni" tablet have a full-color, touch-screen LCD display. They have either 2 or 4 GB of flash memory, 256 MB of RAM and a pre-installed 2 or 4GB SD card for additional storage, depending on the model. They run the Android 2.2 operating system, so the interface will be familiar if you already have an Android-based smartphone (as many people do). In addition, you get two USB ports, a mini HDMI output for connecting to a TV or other screen, and a headphone or stereo jack. Oh, and the device is Wi-Fi enabled [source: Sylvania].

One thing to note is that the earliest version of the 7-inch Sylvania tablet had an operating system based on Android 2.1, but wasn't actually Android.

The 8.4-inch tablet is quite a bit different than the 7-inch and 10-inch models, and it's not just the screen size that sets it apart. First, it features a multi-touch screen, which means it recognizes when you touch the screen with more than one finger at the same time. This enables things like pinching your fingers together to zoom out. The 8.4-inch model also has a bigger storage capacity: 8 GB of memory, 512 MB of RAM and an SD card slot if you need it. It runs on Android 2.3, and like the smaller versions it features two USB ports, a mini HDMI output, a headphone or stereo jack and Wi-Fi capability [source: Sylvania].

Ok, enough of the tech talk. What can this device actually do? Next we'll look at some of the more playful features of the Sylvania tablet.