How Tumblr Works

How to Add Music to Tumblr

Part of the fun of Tumblr is that blogs and posts are customizable to the unique specifications of the user: Pictures and text are a big part of the experience, of course, but music can be added to a Tumblr site, as well.

The easiest way to share music is by composing an audio post. On the user's navigation page are a number of post options – text, video, chat and audio. Simply press the icon that looks like a purple pair of headphones. That takes the user to a new blog post window. Instead of offering an empty space for a title, Tumblr presents an empty bar with a magnifying glass icon, into which you can upload a music file (in MP3 format, 10 MB in size or less) from the user's computer, or a URL of a song from somewhere on the Internet. Tumblr has partnered with Spotify and Soundcloud for this feature. Spotify is a free or premium service that allows access to hundreds of thousands of songs from major and independent labels, while Soundcloud has tons of user-generated and uploaded songs, many from unsigned or independent bands. Both services allow users to share songs in the form of a Web address, which is easily entered into the audio post window of Tumblr.

Tumblr also offers automatic, autoplay background music. This means that, if enabled, the music plays on every page of the Tumblr user's blog. How it's done: The user utilizes a third-party plug-in, such as Hypster or Grooveshark. Bloggers upload the music they want, and the application renders it as HTML code. That code is then transplanted into Tumblr, in the user's theme customization portal. (It also allows users to place an opt out of autoplay button somewhere on the blog.) If the user wants the autoplay only on a specific post, it's done in the HTML editing display when composing an individual post.

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