How Web Pages Work

Listing Services

If your site is business-related, you should submit it to all of the following sites. These sites will list your business in their directories, some for free and some for a fee:

Registering for Awards Sites Award sites either present your site to the world (typically for an hour or a day as a unique or "Cool" site), or they give your site some sort of award that you can display in the form of a logo pasted on your site. In all cases, you must register with these sites in order to be considered for recognition. The following sites are some of the most popular award sites available:


Registration Services The companies listed below will register your site on hundreds of search engines, sometimes for a fee. Most of them also offer other Web promotion services as well. Several of these sites offer information on promoting your site yourself, so you might want to visit them to see if you can pick up ideas.

The key thing to recognize, especially when considering whether or not to use these services for search engine registration, is that they are doing nothing that you can't do yourself. You can register your site just as well as they can, and all you need to know is in this series. It is simply a question of how best to use your time.

We'll look at reciprocal linking in the next section.