Share Playlists with Friends
Man with headphones and laptop

You might find some great music on a friend's playlist that you've never heard before.


First, a note of caution: While it's natural to share the music you like with friends (in a sense, the music industry wouldn't exist if listeners didn't share their favorite songs and artists with each other), you need to be careful when sharing media files through iTunes. Trying to circumvent copyright protection not only makes it harder for musicians and other creators to make a reasonable living from their work, but it can also land you in legal trouble for violation of copyright law.

That being said, there are files that can be shared, and a number of iTunes applications that can help you share playlists with like-minded listeners.

Many of these programs work in a similar manner: After installing the application, you connect with other friends through social media portals. The application lets you browse their playlists and shares your playlists with them. If you see that a listener has a playlist containing a handful of songs you like, you can select the remaining songs to browse and download, potentially adding new favorites to your own music library [source: Deusty].

In a sense, this type of playlist sharing is a natural extension of the word-of-mouth marketing that's been the base for music and media success for years. Now, instead of relying on face-to-face connections to spread the word, artists can leverage the power of social media to reach new fans around the globe [source: Bertolino].