Sync with Almost Any Device
mp3 player on computer keyboard

With the right application, you can sync iTunes with virtually any device.


Apple, PC, Blackberry, Android … the list of operating systems that drive today's computers and mobile devices is long and growing. While the variety means that users can fine-tune their selections to fit their needs, it does come with a drawback: Getting two devices, such as a laptop and a smartphone, to properly sync and share data can be difficult and frustrating.

iTunes users may know this problem well. Downloading playlists to take with you via phone or iPod can be frustrating if your devices aren't set up correctly, or have operating systems that don't communicate well. Thankfully, application developers have come up with a variety of platform-specific tools that can sync nearly any device with your iTunes-equipped computer.

The most important part of making this upgrade comes first: Be sure you identify the app that works with the operating system version that your mobile device uses. Do this, and you'll be listening to your favorite songs on your favorite device in no time [source: Herrman].