10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality


It's Decision Time

john oliver
Comedian John Oliver's tirade triggered a deluge of comments to the FCC website over net neutrality back in 2014. And he voiced his opposition again in 2017. Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The final and most important reason to care about net neutrality right now is that it's still up for debate.

On April 27, 2017, FCC chairman Ajit Pai released proposed legislation that would roll back the Obama-era rules protecting net neutrality. Pai has called for a return to the "light touch" regulation of ISPs that relieves internet providers from the "burdensome" reporting requirements and stifling rules of Title II [source: FCC].

The FCC will vote on the rules changes on December 14, and since three of the five members of commission's voting board are Republicans, the rollback of net neutrality protections is expected to pass.

Tens of millions of Americans have taken to the FCC website to comment on the legislation, but it's unclear whether their voice will be heard over the megaphone of corporate donors. If we've convinced you to care about net neutrality, speak your mind and post a consumer comment to the FCC.

Author's Note: 10 Reasons You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Having lived through the Enron fiasco and the Wall Street shenanigans leading to the global financial collapse, I am extremely wary of the motives of corporate America. That said, I wonder if the fears expressed by net neutrality advocates — that the FCC is sanctioning a two-tier system that will "break" the Internet — aren't a little overblown.

The current administration is hellbent on rolling back Obama-era regulations in multiple industries. Although ISPs under the new rules wouldn't be required by law not to engage in practices like blocking and throttling, they would still be required to report their actions. My hope is that an active and free press will pore over those filings and expose anticompetitive practices. If the FTC won't take action, it'll be up to us, the consumers to vote with our wallets and punish ISPs for bad practices.

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