How the Amazon Cloud Player Works

Uploading Music to Play in the Amazon Cloud Player

When you first open the Amazon MP3 Uploader, the software identifies MP3s on your computer that aren't in your Amazon Cloud Drive.
When you first open the Amazon MP3 Uploader, the software identifies MP3s on your computer that aren't in your Amazon Cloud Drive.
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As described earlier, the Amazon Cloud Player can play DRM-free files in either MP3 or AAC format. Once you have files ready to upload, open the Amazon Cloud Player Web interface, click the "Upload to your Cloud Drive" button in the upper left. When you click this button, Amazon will present one of two options:

  • Option 1: If you have the Amazon MP3 Uploader installed on your computer, the upload button automatically launches that software. If you haven't installed the MP3 Uploader, and you're using one of the supported operating systems, the Cloud Player will prompt you to download and install it. Amazon supports the MP3 Uploader on the following operating systems: Windows versions XP, Vista and 7, and Mac OS X versions that run on Intel-based Mac hardware.
  • Option 2: If you're using an operating system for which the Amazon MP3 Uploader isn't available, such as Linux, the upload button opens a warning indicating that you'll need to use the Cloud Drive interface to upload your files. You can use the link from that warning message to open the Cloud Drive, or you can return to the main page, click "Your Digital Items," and select "Your Cloud Drive Files." In the Cloud Drive interface, use the "Upload Files" button to select and upload files from your computer.

Most people will probably encounter Option 1 above -- using the Amazon MP3 Uploader. Each time you open the MP3 Uploader, the software scans your computer to find any MP3 or AAC files you haven't uploaded to your Cloud Drive. The uploader also shows a summary at the bottom of the remaining amount of storage you have available on the Cloud Drive and the amount of storage that would be used if you upload everything selected.

You can use the plus boxes to expand each item shown in the list, and you can check and uncheck the boxes to change your selections of what to upload. If you want to upload files that aren't in the list, click the "browse for more music" link above the list. After you've made your selections in the MP3 uploader, click the "Start upload" button.

While you wait for your files to upload, progress is monitored at the bottom of the uploader window. The software constantly calculates how much time remains for it to finish uploading your selected tracks. You can pause and resume the upload at any time during the process. When your upload is complete, go back to the Amazon Cloud Player in your Web browser and click the "Latest Uploads" to see the new tracks listed.

Next, let's look at another way to fill your Cloud Drive with your favorite tunes: purchasing MP3s directly from Amazon.