Cloud Computing

In a cloud computing system, there's a significant workload shift, with a network of computers handling storage and computing. Explore the technology and common applications here.


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The Truth About Cloud Storage and Its Future

It's a lot more complicated than you might think. And it's not going anywhere.

How the Google Cloud Works

Google is pushing people to abandon the trend of buying fast personal computers in favor of cloud services. What exactly is the Google Cloud, and how could it change computing?

How Music Clouds Work

Thanks to music clouds, you can access enormous libraries of music virtually anywhere you can get Internet access. How do they operate, and what are their limitations?

How a Cloud Antivirus Works

Cloud computing has opened a whole new world of storage and Web interaction options for users, but is it the best way to protect your computer?

How the Apple iCloud Works

Apple's entry into the cloud storage market promises to synchronize all of your devices -- as long as they're made by Apple. How does iCloud stack up to its competitors?

Does 'to the cloud' mean the same thing as 'let's Google that'?

Buzz phrases often distort the meanings of the words they contain, and sayings related to technology are no exception. We break down two common phrases to see if their meanings are synonymous.

Are my files really safe if I store them in the cloud?

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the standard for our online data. What are the risks of moving your files to cloud servers?

5 Ways to Keep Your Information Secure in the Cloud

As we store more and more of our data on cloud servers, are we leaving ourselves unprotected? Learn how to minimize your risk and keep your information secure.

How the Amazon Cloud Player Works

Amazon's new streaming music app offers customers a new level of flexibility in purchasing, storing and accessing tunes. Does the Amazon Cloud Player have the strength to muscle out its competitors in the online music market?

How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud storage sounds like a meteorological phenomenon, but it's a method of keeping computer files on a networked drive. It's very convenient, but are your files safe?

How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing allows you to access files and programs on your computer from across a network. It's really convenient, but what are you giving up in return?