How High-speed Dial-up Works

High-speed Dial-up: The Bottom Line

Web page load time comparison
Web page load time comparison

Now that you understand how it works, let's take a moment to look at how well it works. We decided to try out one of the more popular high-speed dial-up providers, NetZero, to see how much the service sped up a dial-up connection.

After signing up for the service and choosing the "out of the box" settings, HowStuffWorks tooled around the Web with both normal and high-speed dial-up connections to test the difference in speed.

After log-in, we surfed repeatedly to some of the most popular sites on the Web. The results varied by site, but as an example, HowStuffWorks came up three times faster with high-speed dial-up.

It would seem that a clever combination of fairly straightforward technologies has helped to overcome some of the speed bumps of dial-up Internet. These advances serve to prolong the life of dial-up Internet and provide an alternative for those who are tired of standard dial-up but not quite ready for the leap to broadband. If these advances continue, dial-up may be here to stay for quite a while.

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