10 Ways to Get the Most Out of iTunes


Remote Functions and Hotkeys

Few things make the workday more pleasant than a little bit of music in the background. But open a number of different programs -- including iTunes -- on your desktop at once, and it can be difficult to pause the music quickly when an important call comes in or the boss walks by. Happily, this first option provides a useful solution.

Applications such as iRemote (for Windows) and Sizzling Keys (for Mac OS) offer a quick and easy solution to this problem. Both applications give you the ability to designate key combinations, or hotkeys, to trigger commands such as pausing a song or skipping to a different track. The applications also offer minimal windows or toolbars that let you monitor your music without having to open the entire iTunes window. If music is an essential part of your workday -- but one that could cause trouble if not managed well -- then this is an upgrade made especially for you [source: Bertolino].