10 Ways to Get the Most Out of iTunes


Use AppleScript to Modify iTunes

If you run iTunes on a Mac, and you're willing to do some slightly higher-level work in the name of optimizing your iTunes experience, congratulations: This next tip could open up whole new worlds of customization for you.

AppleScript is a programming language for the Mac operating system (MacOS). It provides tech-savvy users the ability to customize features throughout their computers and their Apple-designed programs and applications. iTunes is no exception to this feature, and a legion of enthusiasts has developed AppleScript modifications that allow you to customize nearly every facet of iTunes. Whether you want to adjust the time gap between songs on your playlists, would like to change the default tones and sound effects that indicate downloads are complete, or want a faster way to browse through your playlists, there are AppleScripts that can do the job [source: Adams].

Keep in mind that this is an advanced level of iTunes modification. If you're not careful, a misplaced piece of script could potentially crash the program. Anyone considering AppleScript tweaks would be well advised to learn the basics of the language before trying to modify anything. The rewards of customizing your software at this level can be great, but they do carry more risk than most of the other tips mentioned here.